This television spot was created to help promote the Columbia Gardens Wine Village development areas.

Please know that the Port of Kennewick has taken time to rework and edit so that the visuals are fully compliant with Covid-19 mandates for current outdoor recreation requirements and social distancing guidelines.  That includes six feet distancing, and wearing masks when ordering from/being served at food trucks.  Wine service at outside tables with five or less is allowed, and no masks are required while seated if in a public space.

You will also find that the bicyclists are wearing helmets, and the stand-up paddle boarders are wearing life vests (a bit hard to tell as the male’s is a similar color as his shirt, and the female is wearing the new slim kind designed to inflate when it hits the water). We are trying to present a good example of safe and family-friendly ways for people to enjoy these development areas.

-Tana Bader Inglima, Deputy CEO
Port of Kennewick